20 July 2010

Rambling post

Well last year I started of with some good resolutions. I am not gonna get overworked again. I will say no. I will stand up for myself. etc etc.
It holds. For now.
I am tired. Work has been pretty hectic, since my collegue has gotten sick.
I am quite angry at my boss for not handling the entire situation like a boss.
He just ran away and left a big mess.
But i refuse to make it my problem. So I am not stressed. That's a winner. I am just tired and angry :) It feels like I am to become very good at juggling.
I have thought about so many things I wanted to post here. But it seems I have forgotten most of them. Oh I remember. Friday I heard the first case of GHB (the stuff they put in your drink to take advantage of you) in a little village near here. I always thought it was only in Amsterdam. And a couple days before a guy told me his roommate had reset his personality by means of a drug cocktail. as a side effect, he now has got no opinion about things anymore. That was interesting.
Well so far for a rambling post.

16 October 2009

No stress

I got a job.
A good one.
Which pays a decent amount of money, on regular times.
And they have all kinds of special things for employees: gardening, free sports, an enormous amount of holiday, courses you can attend, money to get your bike fixed.
This time, they even have a pension fund :)
And it is only about 15 minutes cycling from my house.
I can ride along every morning with my boyfriend. And every evening back together again.
And my co workers are really nice. And it seems the work is going to be pretty interesting. With all kinds of intelligent people.
And the committee was unanimous in their decision for me. Out of 30 applicants, they all wanted me.....

Yesterday we went out to the best restaurant we could think of to celebrate.
They even had a service to bring you home in your own car.
From now on we are going to try and eat mostly biological.
And I guess the first thing I did was order a pair of shoes on the internet.

I feel so completely relieved. I can finally let go of all the stress about not being able to pay the bills in December.
I can let go of the being on a tight budget. I can go and look for another house in a decent neighborhood. We can actually go on a holiday.

We can make plans again. My life is no longer on hold.

07 October 2009


When searching for jobs, you develop routines. When they haven't called back when they said they would, the most likely scenario is, you're not the candidate of choice.
When you apply for a job where they ask for somebody experienced, most of the time it means they are not. When they are surprised I start talking about a strategic plan, you know clearly the other applicants haven't and most likely the interviewer has never thought about it either. In my world that's a red flag :)
But some organizations defy all the rules. No we haven't called you back. Because... well various reasons.... but still you made the cut.
I started today a little sad. It had taken them quite some time to get back to me. So I applied rule nr 1... They are writing a nice no thank you letter. So I called them.
And turned out.. they had another reason it was still in the pipelines... But i got through to the second round. At least I am the second best candidate for the job :)
At this moment I am just curious about my opponent...What did he or she bring to the table to make it this far?
Well at least I know they liked me and thought I was qualified for the job.
And for a change I am "the better candidate"... Celebrating now :)

08 July 2009


Well on the upside.

When I finally get a job, I will be so incredibly good at writing letters.
Have to write one at least once a week and it takes me about 2,5 days to finalize it and send it. But I think the letters are good.

And when I finally get a job I will be great at housekeeping.. that's for sure :)

29 June 2009


God I had forgotten how much I hate job interviewing.
Once I have explained all the things in my life, I sound like a pathetic loser.
In stead of an ambitious woman.
And what clothes to wear. Most of the time I have a proper outfit ready, but now... it's burning hot outside. If I will go by bike, I will be really sweaty and dirty when I arrive. If I wear a jacket, I will be hot when inside.
And this was only for an agency, not even for a real job.
They did tell me there were a lot less jobs and many more people searching for a job however. And job openings are really scarce during summer.
So my hopes are up....At least I haven't been rejected yet.

12 June 2009

Job search

Today I went to a job centre. Not to find a job. Actually I had to go there to get an appointment to get my unemployment benefits. It is one of the requirements to get the benefits and they think they will get you a job. I do not think they are going to get me a job.
I want to do projectmanagement, but the description of projectmanagement I saw there was:
making your own coffee, keeping your office tidy, placing phone calls and more things associated with an officemanager's job. So no I do not think they are going to find me a job.
Luckily I ran into

I think it might be true :)

02 June 2009

starting again

I am going to start flylady again.
It has been my house cleaning and life organising helper for I think 3 years.
It has worked perfectly fine until I met my boyfriend.
All my schedules down the drain, no structure, at least not one where I can spend 15 minutes a day and everything is done.
So i am going to build a new control journal, build my routines and probably in about six months, things will be back in place.

because you can make new years resolutions in june :)